9. Duxburrow Trail

With the Alden First site on your right walk through the fence ahead and look for the sign marking the beginning of a path.  This leads to the Duxburrow Trail, the final stop on this tour. 

In 1637, a twelve-member Plymouth Court jury was tasked with establishing a highway between the Colony and the newly-settled surrounding areas. The path ran down through Plymouth, directly through the Aldens’ property in Duxbury, and then turned towards neighboring Marshfield. The Aldens and their contemporaries would have used this road to travel between the towns, whether for business, church meetings, or social visits. Today the trail is part of the Duxburrow Outdoor Learning Area, a natural laboratory of woods and wetlands where students study various topics of biology and environmental science. 

We hope you have enjoyed this tour. We welcome you to take your time to continue discovering the Alden House Historic Site and the many stories it has to share. If you have additional time, there are several historic sites nearby that we recommend, including John and Priscilla’s gravesite. To hear more about these sites, touch the “Next Stop” button. The marker is located next to the barn back at the Alden House.