10. Keep Exploring: America’s Oldest Burial Ground, a 17th-Century Trail, and More

Two miles from the Alden site is the Myles Standish Burial Ground. John and Priscilla are buried here, along with their friend and neighbor Captain Myles Standish. This is the oldest maintained cemetery in the United States, with graves dating between 1638 and 1789.

The Myles Standish Monument State Reservation is three miles south of the Alden site. Standish was both a military and civic leader of Plymouth Colony, often working with John Alden. His statue sits atop a 116-foot granite shaft on a hill that offers beautiful views of Plymouth Harbor.  

A third reminder of Duxbury’s long history is Green’s Harbor path, part of the North Hill Marsh trails. The colonists started using this native Wampanoag trail in 1623 to travel between Duxbury and Green’s Harbor, today called Marshfield. The entrance to the path is located behind the First Parish Church on Tremont Street, a mile away from the Alden site. 

Together with the Alden House Historic Site, these sites and many others in and around Duxbury provide an intriguing picture of what daily life was like within early 17th-century America. They illustrate not only what individuals were doing each day but also how their actions contributed to the famous stories of history that we know today. Thank you for visiting.