1. Welcome

Welcome to the Alden House Historic site, the homestead of Mayflower passengers John and Priscilla Alden. Today, their descendants, the Alden Kindred of America, own and operate this site as a museum dedicated to telling their family’s stories of early colonial America. 

This tour will guide you through various areas of the site, including the still-standing Alden home and the nearby archaeological remains of the original house. Each stop features an audio recording and a written transcript. The complete tour lasts approximately one hour. To move between all of the stops sequentially, simply touch the “Next Stop” button below each transcript. You may also select the individual titles you are interested in from the Sites page. The Map page provides an overview of where each area is located within the historic site. 

We now welcome you to take the time to explore the grounds and imagine what life was like here over the past 400 years and more. If you would like to take a tour of the Alden House, our hours are noon to 4pm, Wednesday through Saturday, June through mid-October. Tour tickets along with information about membership and lineage certification are available in the Alden barn visitor center and gift shop.